Le Cinciallegre

Agriturismo in Umbria

My name is Fabrizio, Maria Cristina is my wife: welcome here at Cinciallegre!

I used to be an architect and I spent a lot of my life working for the people.

In 1991, I decided to change my life and I started to restore this hamlet to make it our home.

Because I’m really fond of the environment, I did my best not to upset Mother Nature.

My main occupation now is to look after the animals breeding, the orchard and the garden maintenance.

All around here, we are surrounded by oak woods with birds living in the trees: of course there is plenty of tits, gray, blue, yellow and that’s why we called our place Le Cinciallegre!

Here you can listen to the breath of the wind passing trough the leaves of the trees that all around hide the hamlet from the outsider’s sight.

Year after year, Cristina and me, gently moulded this place, trying to find always the best solution when it was question to modify even a small stone in order to set up the places to welcome the guests.

As a matter of fact the true owners of this place are the wild animals, not we! We did not build a swimming pool nor a tennis yard because we think that is really inappropriate here… look there is a hare coming down the hill, and a deer is approching gently by the other side…

You understand what I mean now for inappropriate don’t you?

Maria Cristina is an excellent cook and she will take you back in time and let you taste the old umbrian recipes that she keeps discovering in the tales of the county tradition: I’m sure that you will love it! and that you will become our friend after having tasted and shared the love for the environment, the animals and the good kitchen.

Gastone is our fourlegged son, a sweet riesenschnauzer 5 years old. Shirley is our fourlegged daughter, a sweet zwergschnauzer 1,5 years old They share with us this little paradise: I bet that you will become soon also their friend!

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