Le Cinciallegre

Agriturismo in Umbria

Cooking classes

from 2 up to 8 scholars.

The classes pretend to ready the scholars to prepare a full meal composed by a first and a second course and a dessert.

The following recipes listed below must be selected by the partecipants and will consist in a full menu or a particular preparation as the bred, the soupes or the game and the desserts.

The classes are kept on a 2 days base: the morning dedicated to the preparation and the evening to taste the meal made.

Booking classes is required with a week advance and customers must then choose which preparation attend.

Classes take place during June, July, August and September on friday and saturday from 9am to 13pm .

In the evening at 8 pm is time for the tasting.


 Cooking classes preparations
Soups and Noodles

Spelt in basket
Tagliatelle with goose sauce
Risotto with mushrooms
Pasta and beans
Chickpea soup with pork chops
Spelt and grasspea soup
Broad bean soup
Crepe savoy
Prickly lettuce and bean soup
Carabaccia (onions soup)


Spicy rabbit
Goose in porchetta
Chicken in friccò
Pork chops with wild fennel
Pork saddle with juniper berries
Turkey breast with lemmon
Sausages with white grapes
Pork chops with white grapes
Roasted musk duck


Panna cotta (coocked cream)
Apple with puff pastry
Schiacciata d’uva (grapes and pastry)
Apple pie
Baba’ (sponge cake steeped in rum syrup) with ice cream
Nicolotta pie
Mantuan tart
Bavarian with yogurt and sugar melted pears
Iced Zabaglione with muscat wine
Ricotta tart
Cassatine di ricotta ( kind of Sicilian cake)

Homemade Bread

Spelt bread,
brown bread
rye bread
bread with walnut
hard wheat bread,
oats bread
and....many others !!!


Le Cinciallegre invited by RAI TV to the show

Le Cinciallegre have been invited on TV during the programme "PROVA DEL CUOCO " to show how to make the Walnut Bread.

The show has been a great appreciation for the dedication and professionality of Maria Cristina and for her passion and capacity as chef and entrepreneur.

La Prova del Cuoco di Antonella Clerici

Walnut bread

An old traditional umbrian bread recipe now forgotten and offered again by Christina

Kg. 1,150 soft wheat flour
Gr. 100 “pecorino” cheese
Gr. 150 shelled walnuts
Gr. 40 brewer’s yeast
ml.450 lukewarm water
ml.100 extravergine olive oil
1 fine salt spoon
plentiful black ground pepper

Put all the ingredients but the walnuts in a bowl working them out dissolving the yeast with lukewarm water, in order to obtain a soft mixture.
Cover with a cloth and leave it in a warm place and let it leaven for a couple of hours.
Then work again the mixture adding the walnuts;cut it in two parts moulding two long loafs and set them in a baking pan lined with oven paper.
Take a saw- toothed knive and cut the loafs lenghtways. Cover again with the cloth waiting till the mixture double the volume..
Once the second rising is completed, put it in a oven at 220 degrees centigrade for 50 minutes.
When the baking is finished remember to put the long loafs over a grill and let it become cold completely.

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